Are men with kids (shared custody with previous relationship) datable?

Wondering how women view men that have children from previous relationships?

I am wondering because I have a child on the way from an ex-girlfriend f (it was from the tail-end of our relationship). it is due when I am 26 - I will probably have joint custody of the child. Obviously, I will most likely be out of the dating scene for a good amount of time (at least 5-10 year) while I focus on helping raising this child. So when I am in my mid 30's and most likely single - is it going to be difficult to date women again? Especially younger women because of the the fact that I am going to have a 10 year old child that I see once in a while.

I am a pretty decent looking guy that looks very young for his age, so I will probably look like I am in my late 20's when I am in my mid 30's. I have a stable job that makes very good money as well (engineer). When I am in my mid 30's I plan to move up the company ladder, still stick to my passions/hobbies, still be involved in the childs life, and stay very much in shape (I still workout regularly). I have had little problem attracting women when I was single and without a child - but I feel that may change drastically.



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  • I think they are, I love kids and I wouldn't mind dating a guy with a kid. My worry would be if there is going to be any issues with the child's mom. For example one of my friend is getting married to a man with a child and the ex girlfriend is trying to ruin things for them. As long as she won't be a problem I wouldn't not date a guy just because he has a child.


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  • right now, I wouldn't but I think if I was around 30 and still single I probably would, although it makes things more complicated of course

  • They can be but it does depend on the age of the man I am with.


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