Kids or none at all

Do you have restrictions on dating someone that has more than two kids?


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  • i will never date anyone who has kids, unless if they're mine.

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    • Well, if she has kids, and if I do fall in love her, and if the children aren't mine, then the children remind me of the other guys she's been with and that she's not faithful.

    • Doesnt make her not faithful because she has kids


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  • to be honest even when I'm 30 I wudnt get with someone who has more than 1 kid unless me her and her kids and *mine* kinds are all perfect happy family but its impossible to find out

    but everyone is different I guess

  • lol I'm cool with kids and would have no problem but more than two kids I don't know about that

    • I understand where you are coming from. I was married twice and I have one child by both husband.Other than that unless I was married to a man I would not bring any kids into this world. It is not my fault that they did not have a good thing until I was gone.

    • Yea see that's a whole thing when you have kids from 2 people. Think about that likes being married 4 times No1 is going to be postive about that relationship working they're going to think something must be wrong with her and you might be great

  • Right now probably not It would have to be someone I know for awhile. Ill pass on baby daddy crap

    • All baby daddy's are not with that drama only a few.

    • I mean like being with some1 and there ex coming over to get the kid(s) is just awkward

    • Yea like I said it would have to be some1 I already knew and was friends with already.The only other way would be if a went out with a girl and she didn't tell me she had kids and I fell for her then I might make an exception

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  • I don't think I'd date anyone with kids. I mean I guess it's not impossible that I would, but it'd be a huge hurdle in terms of getting things started.

    • It is kind of hard not to date someone with kids, because these days everyone has kids now.

    • Where do you live that everyone has kids? Are you talking about people in their 20s?

  • i think a lot of people wouldn't have restrictions but they might find it a bit more complicated especially with finding time to spend with you.

    • I have to agree with you when kids are involved you would have to make time to be with that person unless they have kids too.

    • Yeah it's a lot easier when they have kids too. My mum is a single parent so yeah.

  • kinda. then again I'm only 19 so I'm not ready for that yet lol