Stuck in a love triangle: who should I pick?

So I've been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half. I love him very much but for the past 7 months or so he's been a real jerk to me. He constantly calls me stupid and fat,yells at me for everything,refuses to let me go out with my best friends or even family and grabs me really hard when we fight. So a few weeks ago at my birthday my bfs best friend (who I had a crush on for a LONG time) admits to me he likes me. The guy is a good guy--hes loyal, friendly and very much like me. He took me out to the movies and acted like how a boyfriend should. But my boyfriend found out he likes me and they got into a fight. Now I don't know who to pick! What should I so?

Never mind. I lost my boyfriend and the guy who said he wanted to be with me. :/


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  • The friend. Even if you love your boyfriend, he's clearly abusive. Regardless of whether or not you decide to pursue a relationship with his friend, you need to get out of the relationship you're in before it gets too out of hand. You don't want to get stuck with a guy like that, you'll end up regretting it.


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  • Seems pretty obvious to me, get away from your jerk boyfriend and go for the one who will actually treat you like a person.

  • If your boyfriend is treating you like sh*t, don't let him do that. Everyone deserves someone better. I will advice you to do what your heart tells you, and don't cheat.