Is he not interested?

If you're trying to flirt with a guy via text and he only replies to your questions, is he not interested? Most of the time when I try to talk to a guy and get a good conversation going, he always answers my questions, but never tries to keep them going. This has happened with multiple guys. They do add "haha's" and smiley faces, but they don't ask anything else or keep the convo. going. Does this mean they're just not interested or do they just not know how to carry a conversation? I hate boring texters :P


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  • I would say if he wasn't interested you wouldn't have his number and he wouldn't repsond. He is probably interested but doesn't know you well enough to know what to ask. Use the time to get to know each other. Don't always ask questions, once in a while throw out some info about yourself and give him some ideas of what to ask you about. To be honest though, too many people start texing and get right now to business and then the next thing ythey know they are "talking" to someone they barely know.


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  • It means they just don't know how to respond. They probably ARE interested but don't know how to take the next step and would rather not come across as any more awkward than they already are...

    • hey but if it's reversed instead? In my situation the girl I like is acting like the guys she described. She gives smileys, hahas, lols but never really asks much about me..

      but screw texting I guess, it's tiring and takes the personal touch out of communication

  • im a boring txter most of the time. I make jokes and stuff I just can't flirt while txting.Its probably because they don't know what to say more then anything. They answer questions because they are easy to answer

    • Thanks, I've always wondered this :p

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  • Honestly guys aren't that creative when it comes to texting so the mear fact that his responding (trust me if a guy doesn't want to be bothered with you he just won't respond) means he's slightly interested in talking to you :) but honestly if you keep texting him it will get better I've been texting the same guy for 4 months now and it used to be just me sending all the texts but now he sends me like paragraphs and it's quite enjoyable, just be patient :)