What kind of texting tone should I use? I'm kind of annoyed, but I'm trying not to be...

Granted, I would much prefer that we be calling each other than texting right now, but since we're not at that level yet, I still have to deal with texting this guy. He's the type to be occasionally sweet, but usually he's just slow and allows conversation to fizzle out. And he is the one in pursuit of me. I am interested back, so I will behave to that effect. I don't overdo the flirting, but I drop obvious and sweet comments from time to time, I do initiate now and then whenever I feel like it, and I also reply in a timely manner. No games with me. If I feel like saying something now, I will. If it's something I have to think about first before replying, then I take time and reply when I'm ready. But I'm always polite about it and I follow up.

On his end, it is sporadic. Some days he will be very responsive, fast, and on other days he drops a "hi" and then disappears for the rest of the day, or just seems to forget about an earlier conversation when he starts a new one. I don't know if he's doing it on purpose to make me feel jaded or worried into thinking about why or that he's too busy for me. Whatever the reason, I am not into him enough to take it lying down, and it has been annoying me rather than making me feel like he's worth it.

Just now, he replied to one of my texts from several hours ago, but at this moment, I don't even feel like answering. At the same time, I don't want to ignore it and then let it all possibly slide into misunderstanding where he thinks I'm already disinterested now, which I'm not, I still want to give this a try. What do I do? :(


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  • Find a guy who's more interested in you. This guy is an idiot.


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  • just be yourself

    if its meant to be it s meant to be


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  • ingnore him. he's a doushe and if he wants you he will text you again