How would you like to be asked out for a date, girls?

Girls, would you like the guy to say, "Lets have lunch sometime, next week maybe" or "I would like to take you out on a date" ?

What kind of wording would you prefer? Feel free to provide your own variations. Thanks!


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  • id like something along the lines of 'id love to take you out sometime, would next week be alright?' .. but it has to completely genuine!

    • waa that's a nice line but how could I make the invitation sound more genuine over text?

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    • thanks a lot I will try that ! Before that my invitation never sounds genuine I guess...=[ I always come across as the player type to girls =[

    • dont feel down about yourself, you learn new things every day! message me and tell me what goes on with the text and if she replies. and if you need any advice if you are to go out, just ask! life is about learning, your not expected to know everything! :)


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  • I want an invitation that sounds genuine -- not like a last-minute afterthought.

    • thx! in your opinion what does it mean to be genuine? :)

    • Something that shows the guy was specifically thinking of you -- that you're not number 25 on the list of 30 people. Something that shows he was not stuck in his cubicle with nothing to do and suddenly thought, at 4:59pm on a Friday night, "Hey, let me see if X wants to hang out." That sort of invite makes a lot of girls feel like they're unimportant to the guy who's asking.

  • If she likes you, believe me it doesn't matter how you are asking her out lol. She will be glad that you did and most girls will never judge the way you asked them out. They will think you're sweet for doing that. So do whatever is good in your head.

    First one is better imo : "Lets have lunch sometimes week ..''

  • Maybe we can do lunch/dinner sometime.

  • anything other than "we're going to lunch next it or not"


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