We constantly compete for who's in charge

i've been hooking up with this girl for a few weeks, she's 16 I'm 18. we've been friends before that too. she likes being in charge of just about any situation, but so do i.

so we constantly test each other, who will give in first. example- I tell her, give me a back massage and she says no. then 5 minutes later she will ask me to do something and I'll say no. not because we actually don't want to, but because neither of us can't stand to be told what to do.

i admit, we both have big ego's and we're always trying to knock one another off our high horse. it's pretty funny but it does get kind of annoying. it's almost like seeing whos tougher. how do I stop this?


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  • focus on changing yourself and she will follow, give without expecting anything back

    • i don't have to change myself I'm trying to mold this girl into whatever I want her to be. pretty good facial structure you got going for you though, 6.9/10. tell your parents I said very good.

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    • then don't take her games;) be one step ahead, show you are the dominate male... without beating her...well figuratively beat her.

      and wow an 8? stop you are too kind.haha

    • more pics of you so I can further assess


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  • Just give in if you give a little so w she.

  • get used to it. that's every relationshp till you die

  • Wow I am actually in the same position as you. Me and this guy I have been talking to compete constantly for who is in charge too. It does get old fast and I don't know how to fix it either! But at least I know I'm not the only one anymore!


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  • Well you gotta give to receive...relationships are like that, they are not about just taking. However she also has to give you and I am talking about the same way...or else she is just going to walk all over you.

    I went through the same thing with a girl, we were not dating but we were getting to know each other, I know she liked me, but I also know that she liked to push my buttons. For instance I remember she made me jealous in public just to see how I would react. I got really mad at her and I decided to basically...just ignore her and make her jealous as well, to let her know who the boss was...you know what happened? It became and endless cycle of games, it was so silly, we couldn't talk to each other without blowing each other off.

    I should have done things differently, I for one should have not ignore or try to make her jealous, but be the better man and don't give a damn what she was doing, and keep being myself, at the end of the day though, so she will see that I was not going to play her games back and also to tell her that I didn't care what she was doing, at the end of the day I should have talked to her and tell her what she did wasn't right, because it was just rude and desrespectful. I bet I would have gone a different way.