Ladies, would you rather date someone smart or someone successful?

Since some people think there's no correlation between the two, it got me wondering...if smart people weren't successful, and vice-versa...who would you rather date? Pick between person A &

person B...

Person A: Brilliant guy who is highly educated and has the "next great American novel" worked out in his head. The only problem is that he hasn't actually gotten around to writing it down yet - and never will. Despite graduating from Harvard, he now works a minimum wage job.

Person B: Dropped out of school at an early age for whatever reason, but determined later on to become successful. He worked hard and started his own business with some friends. He only has a third grade education and doesn't speak eloquently. He doesn't have any math skills except he can add using his fingers. But his hard work and his ability to get along well with others has paid off and the business he co-owns is extremely successful, allowing this guy to earn 6 figures a year.

Brains or success...who would you rather date or marry?

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Weird...people rather would date a smart loser than a "below-average intelligence" winner.


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  • Person B. I've dated a Person A before and it drove me crazy. I have big dreams and big goals and I need someone who shares the same level of passion and drive.


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  • Success all the way. I doubt I would date Person B, but I would definitely not date Person A because I am not interested in dating someone who has no motivation. I'd rather be single.

    I have met many men who are successful, not "highly" educated, but certainly smart at the things they are successful with and are interesting. You don't have to be an Ivy League graduate to be smart and interesting.

    Oh, and the 6 figures part has nothing to do with it. I make a good income on my own, so as long as the man was doing well at his business or career and was living within his means we would be fine.

  • Gosh...I know a bunch of guys that are like person A. Extremely brilliant, graduated from top universities, and doing nothing with their life. I was introduced to a guy my classmate set me up with. He traveled to India a couple times, does yoga, very very smart...but he doesn't know what he wants in life, and is 27. He lives at home, drives a minivan (his parents) and works as a house cleaner. I totally understand the idea of trying to find yourself, and the fact that everyone has a different path in life. I'm still searching, but am thinking of a future, work my butt off and am in grad school.

    In turn, I suppose I do understand those that do not want to conform to what society deems correct, or good. However, my parents are not wealthy hippies like his! My dad is oversees, and he will not let me pass up on the opportunity America provides (or so seems to).

    Of course, there is no correct answer, I switch between the two. However, I knew a guy that was person A up until college..with no ambition, and then turned into person B and is now a physician. So, he is really in between the two...I find that most attractive.

    But, to be fair, if I had to pick one, it would be person "B", but he would have to be a great conversationalist.

  • I'm not sure. Guy A seems lazy and has no drive to do something with his life so that's a turn off, but I'm not sure I could be with someone if he wasn't remotely intelligent...

  • I would say Person A, smart could go along way even if he is working a minimum wage job. My parents always told me that in order to get along or understand your partner is to be evenly yolk in other words...your partner and you would have to be able to communicate effectively with one another and be on the same level. So BRAINS is who I would rather date or marry.

  • brains

    but person a lacks determination

    and determination is good too.

    • "but person a lacks determination"

      Right. In my question, you must pick between someone with brains but no determination/motivation versus someone with no brains but with a lot of determination/motivation .

    • yeah, person A still.

  • i personally think the two usually go hand in hand, but if I had to choose one, it would be A, Smart

  • Guy B

  • Smart is good, but so is successful. However personality is the main thing! :)

  • If he was THAT stupid he wouldn't have the skills to have a successful business, just putting that out there.

    In all honesty I don't really want either one.

    • "If he was THAT stupid he wouldn't have the skills to have a successful business, just putting that out there."

      Possibly. I loosely based Person B on Orsen Wells who dropped out of elementary school and could only add using his fingers and couldn't subtract. Wells wasn't a business man, sure, but he was successful nonetheless.

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