Date foreign boy, or to not date foreign boy?

I had already posted a question regarding this topic a while back but I REALLY need some advice. A German exchange student at my school likes me and I really like him too. However, I'm confused as to if we should "date" or not. I have heard from many people that I should enjoy him while he's here and date him so I don't have any regrets. I have also been told that there's no point in dating him because he's only here until June. Thoughts?


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  • hey if you two like each other y not? if your afraid it won't work out long term consider this,; he could always decide to come back, attend a college in the u.s. or vice versa, I have a friend who was a foreign exchange student at our school then when we graduated she decided to stay in America and now she's attending a college in washington dc so it is do able, I say go for it

    • I should have also mentioned the fact that after this year, he goes back to Germany and still has 2 more years of school before he can even attend college. As for me, this is my senior year. Two years is a LONG time.

    • oh, well that sucks but still some time with him is better then none, if you want him go for it, and you can always do the long distance thing with him you guys really really like each other after he's goes back

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  • I say go for it because you know you want to and because I agree that you might regret it.