What would you do if you figured out that the person you really had a crush on, had a disability?

This person is someone you can imagine spending the rest of your life with, but you just recently found out that they have a chronic disease/disability that can affect both of you(possibly progress worse for them, over time). Would you stay or would you run and find someone else?

I just realized the girl I have a crush on, has multiple sclerosis. I feel really bad for her, but I think I will support her still, if we go out.


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  • I think that she'd want more than anything for a guy that she likes to accept her for how she is and try things with her. Ever seen Love and Other Drugs?

    If this was happening to me, I would want support, not a runaway. So stick with her.


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  • depends on the guy and the disability, I dated a guy with "asberger's" and another with bipolar disorder but I have also dated guys with alcohol/drug addictions and I will say that those are way worse issues and don't just disappear overnight, they will have to battle addiction their entire lifes, so that could be considered a disease, basically what I'm saying is we all have our struggles, just some are more obvious or physical, it just depends on the strength of that person and strength is the most beautiful thing in the world, one of my best friends has a twisted back and a leg that twist completley inward and she has to limp around, I think she actually has MS, but she is so full of life, more than anyone I know! she goes to concerts all the time and is a professional photographer for bands and will probably be famous one day, anyways, don't let disabilities get in the way of seeing the beauty in a person, if you do, then that is a greater disability in my opinion..

  • I would take it as a challenge and would not care, I would simply love them for them and support them anyway I could, disease or no disease!


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  • I would be OK with dating a girl that had MS. It would be something that you would have to adapt to but if you love the other person enough then it would be worth it.

    The only time I couldn't handle it is if the girl had HIV or hepatitis. That would be pretty rough :(

    Good luck with everything sir.

  • hey if you been digging her so much now

    and feel that much with out knowing the issuse she had

    i think you should stick with her.

    but do NOT be with her of pity... be with her cause you want to...

  • I dated a girl with a completely disabled family it wasn't bad.