Do I tell him what he did was inconsiderate or not?

I was seeing this guy, I thought we were perfect for each other. It turned out though that he wasn't ready for a girlfriend and I think I may have been his rebound in a sense. We never did anything but, at the beginning he were so happy and held hand and kissed and he told me how much he was falling for me, unfortunately I fell for him as well. I am having a hard time getting him to understand that I avoid conflict and that that's why I didn't tell him what was on my mind. He was very upset that I didn't, but then again I'm a girl. SO anyways I am trying to decide whether or not to tell him that he was mean to me by expecting me to get over him so quickly and be friends. Wy would he have done that? is that a good idea or not?


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  • I have had 4 women do the same thing to me, when I told them they were "inconsiderate " of my feelings, they told me in no uncertain terms to "get over it"


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  • You should say something. He definitely led you on.