How can you tell what someone's age is?

Is there ways of telling how old someone is by judging their age? I mean like is she saying she's younger than she is? Or could she be telling me she's older than she is? Ways to tell someone's age? Your ideas?


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  • It's in her actions and words. Does she use proper spelling and grammar? Younger people tend not to. Does she use abbreviations like 'lol' a lot? Younger people often do. If you two are messaging, read her messages aloud, and think about what type of person would use that sentence structure. You can usually get a pretty acurate image that way.

    • True though on sites like the dating sites I've noticed that quite a bit actually. And it a lot of cases they don't really put much of anything.

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  • There are many ways of doing research online if you have a full name. You can pay about five bucks to find out many, many things about a person. But you have to have their real, full name and where they live. Sites like this can be misleading because much is anon. The girl that said experience as a barometer, that's right. Someone who is 14 is not going to share the experiences of someone who is 44. This is assuming you know the person in a face-to-face capacity, not online.

  • I don't think we able to judge by looks as some people look younger and older than their real age.Maybe you can judge them from the way they behave,or their taste? It won't be 100% accurate but at least you can guess the range.

  • you can check her ID.

    • Can't see ID's on line though. I should have added that because it was meant to apply mainly on line, but can apply to in person, so either way.

    • then there is no way.

  • No idea!

    but 2 years ago one guy asked how old was I, and I said 14... and he believed...

    because I do look younger than I am, I act younger than I am and really feel younger than I am!

    but, seriously speaking to someone I would say the true.

    • Interesting and it proves my point. It may take 2 space but I have a story. 11 years ago I knew a girl down my street, she was 18. Her and her friend starting hanging around, her friend looked over 18 and she look much younger than her age. Her friend had a thin for me it was too obvious. We had a party they showed up. I decided to remain quit about something something I found out to have a little fun. All the guys there was checking out my friends friend eyes bobbing out making comments.

    • After the 2 girls left the party I let the cat out of the bag and told those at the party what I knew. Just before the party maybe the same day I can't remember, my friend from down the street told me her friend who looked in her 20's wasn't in her 20's, she was only 15. In my observation of the guys at the party who were checking her out a lot over age 40 and also cops like to fell out when I told them she was only 15.

  • Experience. And it has nothing to do with their actions or what they say. I can usually tell a persons age. I'm only wrong on occasion.

    • What's the secrete to it?

  • You can ask, and take their word for it.

    • Yea but what if say here turned out to be consequences for taking their word for it or something like that happened?

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    • No neither one, it's about sites like Facebook and dating. It would be nice to have tips so I don't end up with under 18 on my list because Facebook keeps recommending people I don't know and they are all younger than I am at least 99% are. Anyway at first they look 18, I add they accept, I look at info I wasn't able to see before to discover their not 18 and because of Facebook and once MySpace I've lost confidence in trying to meet or associate with people on line.

    • Correction needed. It's Facebook has them as 18, they look 18 only to learn later after adding them their not 18.

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  • "Is there ways of telling how old someone is by judging their age?"

    That's the most redundant statement I've seen yet on GaG

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    • Proud of it.

    • My self.