Have you given up on dating and relationships?

And why have you given up? Is it because of experiences, believes or something else? Thanks!


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  • Yes. I've never had a boyfriend and I don't think that's just going to change all of a sudden. It would be stupid of me to put so much time and effort into something that I know isn't going to work out. People these days don't want relationships anyway. You guys want instant gratification, something like FWB, and that's not how I roll. I'm more into real committed relationships and it doesn't seem like that's what guys my age are into. I'm not totally happy being alone but I guess that's what will have to happen. Thanks a lot hookup culture.

    • not every guy is like that your just using that as an excuse to justify you being single and to feel better about it. excuses excuses excuses.

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    • in college people want serious relationships your probably just thinking about the people who like to party ... look elsewhere.

    • Oh and fyi I'm in a fraternity and all the guys have serious relationships with there girlfriends with the exception of 1 or 2 clubheads.

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  • No. I'm not the type to ever give up

  • Yes, I've given up because every guy I've ever met has found a way to hurt me even before we were in a relationship. So I figure the best way to not get hurt is to stay single. And I've never had boyfriend because of this.

  • Yes I have.

    Because right now I'm just not in that place.

    I don't want to be with anyone new. I want to be left alone. I don't like people invading my personal space right now. I'm quite happy just being alone.

  • I like someone but I've wanted to give up every day for six months because he's so shy and I think about him all the time... I can't let go though :P

  • Yes because I like casual sex

    • Interesting. I have a question for you: Since you mentioned that you like casual sex. How do you like guys to approach towards a fling or a no strings attached relationship. Do you like guys to be upfront about it without any runarounds?

    • I prefer people who are upfront

    • All right, that is what i tought. Thanks

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  • I have given up. Part of it is kind of complicated, and I don't want to share that part. The other reasons are mainly because I have never really had a lot of friends. I am shy, and was never a popular student. By the time I got to high school, almost everybody I knew had a boyfriend/girlfriend, or has at least gone through making out, and stuff like that (from Facebook pictures). I am now 21, 3rd year of college, and I have never kissed, been kissed, or even gone on a date. My parents and grandparents are upset about that, but I decided to forget about it, and simply stay single forever. I have plans for my future, and I don't need a girl to be in it. By the way, my parents recently had another baby (She is exactly 20 years younger), and I think it's because they finally realized that I am not going to get married and have kids, so they created another one to have a chance of becoming grandparents someday.

  • Nope... haven't given up in the slightest. :-P

  • Part of me feels that (to give up) but part of me says to hold out and have the faith that someone would be there just fo me. I am 34 now and my past relationships didn't last long enough for me to be worthwhile. My last potential partner for example didn't want to live in my country so we had to break it off. It was completely mutual so we remained friends for now. Friendships is more important to me now including any new people I might meet. If it works out only then will I consider a proper relationship...

  • the truth is I don't know yet if I should just give up or not yet so for now I don't know yet because so far looks like it's true that all nice guys and good guys finish last I know I'm unattractive, I know I'm super skinny guy,i know I'm a nice good person,i know maybe I'm weak but I will train if I choose to,I'm 23 and I still live with my parents and I've heard to some girls and some women it's a turn off bottom line I don't know if I should just give up yes I'm saying I don't know yet I've been cheated on,lied to,I've been betrayed,and worst of all I've been back stabbed and she broke my heart.And I don't know if I can trust women and girls so for now I don't know if I should give up yet I hope this answers your question and if you got anything to ask me or if you got any questions you like to ask me feel free to ask me and I will see if I can answer your question.

    • i do however have confidenece and I do believe in myself it's just looks like some girls and some women killed chivalry

    • Just be social be yourself and once you find a girl that interests you and you believe she won't hurt you go for it.

  • No, I haven't given up. I've had my heart broken a bunch of times, and it certainly has shaken my confidence in myself, but I'm a hopeless romantic; I'll put my heart back on the line if it means I may find that special someone.

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