She says she wants to wait?

i love this girl and she says she wants to wait to date but says she would date me I think she's just cautious from her last boyfriend and she doesn't want to screw anything up but I kinda feel the same way I want to wait too and furthermore I want what she wants I wanna marry this girl. I've known her since I was 7 and now were teens. what do I do until she wants a bf?

she told me she wants to be best friends and then move closer from there but I know she's not saying that to not hurt my feelings she said that she likes me and had since she was 9rs old
i really need answers! please answer! I'm so worried about her and me!


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  • Dont get me wrong some relationships do develop from a friendship into a romantic one.. That's cool but this girl is saying she wants to be your best friend before she can even develop a romantic relationship with you. How do you know if your her best friend NOW and if not how long are you willing to wait for her to be her best friend so you can be together as a couple. Do you think she is saying this to you because she feels that there isn't a deep enough connection for you to have a relationship with her now. What happens when she meets a guy that she feels she is really attracted to and really likes and ends up going out with him. It seems to me that this girl is keeping you on the side as her safety blanket incase she doesn't meet a guy that she can straight away have a deep connection attraction with to be a girlfriend- boyfriend couple. I think you are way to young to be thinking long term in terms of marriage. You haven't explored the waters yet.. you don't know if your gonna meet the girl of your dreams next week or in 3 years. But when it does happen you will know and the girl will know and destiny will naturally bring you together with no complications.. it will just work. My advice is don't wait for this girl.. I know youve been friends since you were younger but you can continue to be friends. You should go and explore. HAVE FUN and meet lots of girls that your attracted to , have relationships with them and see where they go and if they don't lead you to what youve been looking for ... TRUE LOVE... then you just have to keep looking and eventually you will meet her and your life will never be the same again. Who knows this girl who is your friend might actually realize after she has seen you with all these girls that she does love you and you share that special connection that you don't share with no one else = and you might end up together. DONT WAIT FOR THIS GIRL... HAVE FUN WITH LOTS OF GIRLS AND LOST OF RELATIONSHIPS AND IF ITS MEANT TO BE IT WILL HAPPEN WITHOUT YOU EVEN KNOWING.

    • but she IS the girl of my dreams I've never been attracted to another girl like this and I think she's scared cause her last few bfs she got burned. I am willing to wait forever for her

    • She is the girl of your dreams but your obviously not the man of her dreams if she doesn't wanna be with you NOW and making you wait. Your gonna waste your life waiting on this one girl when there are so many fish in the sea. Like I said your way too young.. you haven't experienced life enough to know if you are attracted to other girls the same way as you are to this girl.


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  • You guys both should wait, if that's what you both want. You can't wait forever though, you need to know she isn't just saying that because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. If its meant to be, you'll find your way back to each other.

    • she told me she wants to be best friends and then move closer from there but I know she's not saying that to not hurt my feelings she said that she likes me and had since she was 9rs old

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  • What she's really saying is that she has no romantic interest in you whatsoever and she's just saying it like she is to not hurt your feelings.

  • You're not even 18 dude, and there's too many women out there to worry about this one. She sounds like a tease anyways.