He won't do anything but text!

I met this guy a few days ago and we have been texting for 4 days now. During this time we have texted almost constantly and I'm pretty sure he is interested in me. We have a lot of subtle flirting. What is concerning to me is that he hasn't called to talk to me or asked me on a date. I can't really tell what his motives are. I know that he is interested but why hasn't he made a move? Is there any way I can get him to make a move without explicitly telling him what I want?


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  • He is either doing this to drive you crazy which will usually increase your attractiveness to him or he's like me and has a few girls on the back burner and likes texting a bunch all at one time. . . its way more fun than talking to one girl on the phone. Granted, this is usually with girls that I have at least "made a move" at least once with.

    He could just be shy and is afraid you'll say "no, I'm busy". .. especially after all of the emotional investment and time he has put into you (texting). It might be safer for him just to keep texting you without rejection and he's secretly hoping you'll ask him out.

    • It is certainly driving me crazy but as far as increasing attraction... not so much. He He is obviously interested but I don't want to be just another girl on the "Back burner." that is a waste of my time

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  • Why would it be a problem to tell him what you want? Just send him a text like, "So how long are we going to text each other before you ask me out?"

    • That sounds great in concept but would he really respond better if I were that foward?

    • Sure, why wouldn't it? Guys tend to be more direct than girls; if he's interested in you, he won't have a problem with it.

  • he's nervious . because on the phone you can have awkward silences and here the cracks in voices. your best bet would be to help him out by calling him or tell hi you have nuthin planned for the weekend. you have to remember he doesn't know what your thinking so tell him !

  • call him?


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