If a guy doesn't contact you within 2 days, does that mean you're just a booty call?

I was seeing this guy and my intention was just to sleep with him for one night (just being honest) and then I didn't contact him for a week. He calls me the next weekend and said he thought about me all week, that I was a really cool person and wanted to see me and take me out to breakfast last week. I stayed over his place the next weekend and he bought me dinner. The next day we hung out and he even washed my car. Then the next day, he texted me and wished me a good holiday late at night and I texted him back in the morning wishing him the same and where I went to for Halloween. He never contacted me back and it's been two days. I know I had intentions on just taking him as just someone for a good time in the first place, but he was acting so sweet when we last saw each other that I thought maybe he might be "different". Why hasn't he contacted me? Is this normal if a guy does like you? Thanks for the input.


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  • Two days isn't that much time; he might just be busy. However, if it goes much more than 7-10 days, it's probably time to move on.

  • breaking hearts is fun,when your young,cuz you can... karma's a bitch,later...


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