Falling in love?

Is this too quick to fall in love?

me and this one girl met online, and we were texting and talking. within 3 days we feel in love, but Haven't met each other yet. the next day we saw each other, and still together for about 2 months. I don't think its too quick, but what do you think.

We have meet each other in person on the 4thsame day like I said lol


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  • It's never too quick to develop feelings for each other, but is it too quick to rush and be too committed into it to sustain a long term relationship? I'd say yes, unless you have a very strong basis to say why this will definitely work in a long term. Both of you, perhaps are still at the "honeymoon" phase of a relationship/dating stage. There will be more serious things to come and to tell whether this relationship is sustainable. Best thing is to open up to each other, but don't rush into marriage, engagement or things as such. Keep an open mind, take TIME to know and understand each other better, observe what sort of person she is, and don't ever get too attached to her. Best of luck.

    • Have you wondered why are you asking these question? Is it too good to be true? What are the doubts in your mind? On a cautious side, I wouldn't "fall in love" too soon and let the feelings mature slowly with time. Being in love is not just feelings, but something more than that.

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  • Yes. Too soon.

  • that's not love. that's not anything real. it's online. it's fake

    • I don't think its completely fake. Online realationships happen all the time. but I don't think its love I think its more like lust

    • they haven't even met yet, it's not real. it's only real if they met online but fell in love in person

    • Lol we met, I said we meet online talked and text for three days, and we meet on the 4, day in personand we see each other like 2 times a week

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  • You can love fast. It's a gift. What is hard is making it last.

    You never truly know if you are in love until you meet each other and spend about 5 or 6 meaningful, actively communicating dates together.

    Those dates may just be validation for what you're known all along.

    I sure can understand how you feel. ;)

    • We have meet, and did like 155 dates already and stronger feelings

  • You are together and you haven't met yet, right? Falling in love is a process that has to be done in the flesh, getting to know someone takes time, really. Online dating, c'mon man she could be totally different in person once you spend time with her. Don't be so naive, let the natural process happen, it's not going to be a coupe of months, believe me!