Date didn't kiss me?

So I work with this guy I like, and he tells me he likes me. After a long conversation about our feelings for each other, we decide to date and take it slow, especially since we work together. He ended up kissing me that night, and it was short and sweet and perfect. We went out on our first date tonight. It was after work, at a local restaurant, so obviously we drove separate cars that day. The date went well, I'm pretty sure we both had fun. When we said goodbye at our separate cars, he said he would call me tomorrow and gave me a hug goodbye. That was it. Because we already had our first kiss, I would have thought he would have tonight, but I am really surprised he didn't. Any guy have any input as to why he didn't?


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  • He's trying to take it slow. See what happens over next few dates.


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  • Well,

    I'm not sure if most men have the same mind set but my boyfriend once told me that guys don't tend to kiss girls on the first date only because they wanna go home and weigh the situation. Something about kissing comes with baggage and by not kissing you, it keep the door open in case he wants to bail out.