Cut off connections with girl, now this?

A girl and I had a thing for a bit, I was really into her but as things go, she wasn't ready for it yet after her previous boyfriend, apparently I wasn't in a usual 'friend zone' and I just had to wait for a while... I was OK with this, then she started getting with other people and treating me as a friend, getting all emotional and using me for support. I told her I was cutting off connections with her and didn't want to talk with her (silent treatment), but now whenever I see her around (at school, out, common friends houses) she says hi/bye and looks at me really obviously.

I can feel her look and she makes it really obvious she wants me to talk to her and I feel bad not doing it, it's hard to ignore someone so obviously and coldly for me.

Where is this going? I'm still into this girl and I don't know what to do. I've got with other people since and she knows about it, so what would your advice be?

Thanks from beforehand!


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  • Its called "d*** under glass"