When a guy asks you to spend the night at his house, it's because he wants to hook up, right?

I'm just curious. I don't have a lot of dating experience so I just want to make sure I'm right about this. I mean what other possibilities would there be? Guys seem so filthy minded these days that they don't know how to have a sleep over without trying to hook up and thinking about sex...

Girls, what have your personal experiences been with this subject? Guys, if you ask a girl to sleep over, do you have intentions to hook up with her?

Thank you :)


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  • Yes, that's usually what is implied when he asks for a sleepover. However, just because that's what HE wants, doesn't mean you have to follow through. Your wants are still just as important. So in my opinion, I wouldn't agree to sleepover until you're comfortable with a hookup. And if a sleepover happens, and you decide you're not ready, then just say so and cuddle. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, even if hooking up is on his mind. All guys, good and bad, are going to want to get physical with an attractive girl they like. They're usually comfortable with this much quicker than us girls are.

    The difference between the good and bad guy is how they react to you saying "no." Does he get mad? Kick you out? Quit calling? That's a bad guy you want nothing to do with anyway. On the other hand, is he understanding? Fine with cuddling? Just as sweet with you? That's a good guy who's interested in more.


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  • What's changes relative to the past is that girls say yes to this, so guys are trying more often, and less interested in dating.

  • Sure, I would want to hook up with the girl, but it's ultimately her choice. Cuddling would good enough. If she doesn't feel comfortable, I'd give her space. For the record, guys have always been horny.

    • lol! at your last sentence. Yeah, guys have always been horny, but the guys of this era are so tacky and shameless about it for the most part

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    • I know we're rare, but gentlemen are still out there. We just get put into the friend zone.

    • 18 to 24 ... how do you know what guys were like in the 60's, 70's, and 80's? What you really mean is you're pissed at a guy and you have a fantasy that what someone told you about the good old days is true because it gives you more basis to assert that he's wrong and you're right.

  • it means he's at least open to the idea of hooking up. no, it doesn't mean he'll rape you. Have a good evening :)

  • The last girl who slept over...almost let me go all the way because she wanted to cheat on her then boyfriend. We stopped because she and I knew it wouldn't be right.

    Girls are just as sexual as men...it's just that they know how to control it better

  • i think the reason why we don't know how to have a "sleep over" without getting a little intimate is because we arernt in middle school anymore...

    • lol that doesn't make sense and it just makes you look like an a**hole

    • When, exactly, are you imagining that men and women had platonic sleepovers in history?

    • lmao how would that make melook like an a**hole at all..

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  • Through my experiences, the guys who have asked me to spend the night wanted/expected sex. Two adults of the opposite gender who are attracted to each other? Come on you're not going to be sharing ghost stories by the campfire lol.

    If I did not plan on having sex with the guy, or at least wasn't open to the opportunity then I would not go to his house. Some girls are gonna act like it's no big deal, but lets not forget date rape is a very popular form of rape. Some guys will take you going as you're down for it. Right or wrong, I would not feel comfortable putting myself in a potentially dangerous situation. Say if you went and you did not want sex, and he took it from you, the first thing people would say is you're lying because you chose to sleep over at his house. In otherwords most people know sleepovers are interpreted as I WANNA HAVE SEX

  • Staying over=sex.