Is it over? Please help:(

So I've been seeing a guy and I've slept with him twice(Met him at least 5 times now). After the second time I decided to text him 2 days after to ask how his business meeting went(because I remember him mentioning about it the a few days ago)..also threw in a line after to make the text not seem so serious.and he didn't reply(this is very unlike him btw)...perhaps it's time to drop it and give up?


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  • Texting doesn't tell you very much; some people are just not good text messagers. Needless to say, it was not a good idea to be physically intimate with him so early; anyone's interest could change at any time during the early stages. How long has it been since he took you on a date? You could try calling him; if he doesn't respond to a call within a day or two, he's probably not interested.


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