A guy gave me his number, and I'm not sure what I should do next.

So, I was at a restaurant and I could see one of the cooks looking out of the kitchen at me, trying to get my attention. He was really cute, but I kind of ignored it.

Our server said that he really wanted to give me his number. So I laughed, but our server actually came back with his number. You could tell that all the staff was in on it too.

So... I don't really know what to do. Guys have given me their numbers before, but I've at least talked to them.

Should I even text him? Plus, I have no idea what I would say.

Help pretty please :]

thanks guys, I ended up texting him, and I think that we're going on this week.

He seems pretty nice :]


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  • That's an interesting, what a great place to meet someone! A kitchen (and food!) is always a nice place to start... :)

    As for getting started on your first text to him, how about starting off with a great chat up line 'What's cookin good lookin?' and ask him how he got there. ;)


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  • I guess it's too late now, but I was going to say do nothing. He should have gotten your number. Where are the girls at in my city that make it that easy?

    • are you calling me easy?

    • No I'm not calling you easy, I'm saying you're making it easy on this guy. He has a coworker pass you his number because he's afraid to talk to you, and you texted him. Most girls won't make first contact. Hope it goes well!

  • if you're into it, throw him a text. dang, I wish having someone give a girl my number actually worked, ever.

    Say something like, "hey its (name) from (restaurant), what's going on? That (what you ordered) was a little funk. I hope your conversational skills are better than your cooking :P "

  • i also don't know to do what ,maybe I will smile ! cheap louis vuitton

  • Flush down that number!

    A guy should balls enough to at least talk to a girl!

    Even if you'd contact him and make it happen - even if he may turn out to be a really nice... he's that kind of person who got no spine!

  • Text and say Hello, trust me you will make his day! When you left he was thinking I hope she calls me. If you call or text him he's going to think he's the man because this beautiful woman called him when I gave her his number.


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