Dating a busy/popular/many-female-friends-kinda guy?

my first and only ex-bf was pretty ordinary. this guy I'm seeing and I have hit it off extremely well, he's caring, respectful and super attractive. he is also a club promoter =/ which means a lot of female friends. how should I handle this?


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  • my dad used to be in that position. As a club promoter, women will throw themselves at him, but as long as ya'll have been out more than twice, you're fine. He probably will ignore the other women.However, he is human, and an all-you-can-eat buffet is very tempting.


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  • Hopefully you have some trust in this guy, but tread carefully. Most of the girls he socializes with he has to work his charm in order to attract them to the club so he can get money... a salesman of sorts. And the girls will probably be flirty in hopes of receiving special deals, free drinks, vip, etc. If you are just dating and not exclusive though, they really aren't any rules of what he can and can't do. I would hope that if he really likes you, he wouldn't do anything.

    But try your best to not be jealous or assume things without a reason. If he hasn't given you a reason to worry (as in a physical act being done- not just flirting), then try and control the green monster haha

    After time though, if you click really well and decide you want to take the next step of becoming exclusive, that's when there are definite boundaries. Hopefully he knows how to keep business separate from pleasure.