He doesn't miss me and I keep denying it?

I really wanted this one to work out but it's not going well. Any comforting words?


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  • If he doesn't miss a beautiful person like you who appears to have the lightest of hearts, then that's his loss not your..and I'm sure you'll hear that a lot..I just hope you know how true it is. At first it may seem like it hurts more then anything before because you wanted it to work..but after your heart first bleeds, you'll find a sort of serentity where before there was one. Take your time to get over it, and to forget, but don't dwell on it forever, because soon you're going to find the one who deserves to have you..and he'll be all the things that the other one was it..he'll give you all the things the other never could..and he won't hurt you the way this one did. Keep your chin up..and never give up..because you've got a long life ahead of you..places to go..people to meet..and he's not a part of that because he doesn't deserve to be.



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  • I'm going to feed you cliches, cause that's all that works really : Everything happens for a reason. You're gonna meet some great guy someday, and you'll be grateful it didn't work out with this one. You're beautiful. Cheer up.