It was my first kiss and I totally can't remember it..

Like, I remember the fact that we kissed, but I feel like I got so caught up in the moment and it didn't really absorb that it happened. It almost felt like, It was maybe a dream, or something kind of felt like that, and I don't remember how long it lasted and then he asked me something and I answered but I don't remember the question and I don't remember what I answered... and I told my best friend about this and she said when she had her first kiss that she didn't really remember it either. So I guess I'm just wondering if this is normal or what... aha


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  • Completely normal. You were very excited and too nervous to remember the details.


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  • Girl I feel the same way! I got my first kiss with my boyfriend about a little over a week ago. What happened was we snuggled for the first couple of days I was staying at his house. And like there was a couple of times that we were close to kissing. But we were watching the movie Scott pilgrim v. The world and I was half asleep and like we were snuggling and like I don't remember what happened but like all of a sudden we were kissing! It was funny because I don't know how we started kissing but he went to tongue pretty fast; To which I told him hey it feels like your eating my face off and I was half asleep and I wish I could remember the details. But I will never forget how we were watching the movie Scott pilgrim and he was adorable. I love my boyfriend and it did seem like a dream to me, an awesome beautiful dream.