My boyfriend want's to hang with my guy cousin more then me

I know it may sound a little childish but it's like every time I hook up with my boyfriend he's always asking about my cousin, I don't really have a problem with it but when we go a couple of days with out seeing each other and then when we do the first thing he brings up is my cousin It's starting to really get on my nerves. My cousin is fun and has a outgoing personality and I love being around him also but not all the time especially with my boyfriend it's like can we have some me and you time it's just frustrating


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  • Maybe he is secretly becoming attracted to your male cousin, a la that young buck that the Woman in "The BReakup" brings home to make her husband jealous, but the young guy is gay and ends up wanting to see her husband and not her instead lol!

    Sorry I had to have a go at you.

    So maybe you should tell your bf... Or just don't invite your cousin or just say subtly that you want to be just YOU and ME (to your boyfriend that is) and intimately together, with no one else.

    • You know what I hate to say this but I think you maybe right, he asks about him a lot and tonight I asked him what is it with my cousin and his reponse was "i just want to talk to him" it just sounds suspect and I'm starting to get a uneasy feeling about him

    • I was reluctant to say it but I think Chaaz is onto something and if you're getting the same vibe then it's probably true :\ at least you aren't one of those blind women who say they never noticed anything was off when it's staring them in the face...


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  • cause knowing him for along time can affect how he acts towards you...i would try hooking your cousin up with a friend cause if your cousin dosen't tell him no we know he won't listen. cause he should you guys relationship more serious.

    • my cousin is married with 2 kids lol and last night I told my boyfriend I enjoy hanging with him to but he has responsibilities

  • I recomend watching the boondocks with him, especially the story of gangstalicios part 1 and 2. It evolves around the issues you dealing with.

  • how long have you guys been together?

    • about a month but we've been knowing each other for 5 years why do you ask?

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