Where should one go for their first date?

Where should a person go on their first date ?

And without spending too much money .. which place would be ideal ?

Where did you go on your first date ?


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  • take her to see a cover band. lots of fun and not expensive


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  • Well for me personally, I like a relaxed setting, nothing too intimidating, but I still like the opportunity to talk, so not to the movies or anything. I think dinner at a restaurant might be slightly awkward especially since you are sitting there face to face, probably in an extremely quiet place that doesn't allow for loud talking.

    I would like to have just a relaxed counter lunch/dinner in a pub somewhere, it still gives the chance to talk and get to know each other, plus it doesn't matter how loud you are and there is a relaxed atmosphere around. If you go at night you could also have a few drinks and dance a bit, depending on what you're into. It also wouldn't be as expensive as a restaurant. I think that would be a good date for me.

  • The best first date I've ever been on: we watched hilarious Youtube videos and played Wii. :D It helped a lot that we were good friends before dating, so we already had common interests.

  • There are a lot of factors in deciding the first date setting for me. First- how well do we know each other?

    Have we known each other awhile, hung out at parties or gone out together with mutual friends or do we work together? If that's the case, I'm more likely to choose grabbing dinner somewhere then wandering around a bit (if it's nice). If it's gross out, a movie can be fine after dinner because we know each other a bit and it's not so weird to watch a movie together.

    If we just met- I'm more inclined to just grab coffee and talk, see if there's anything there first. After that, I like bowling, mini-golf, or pool for a first date because it's laid back, fun, and it lets you talk in a relaxed, no-pressure way.

    It also depends on the kind of person you are- me, I'm an out-doorsy country girl, so I'd totally be up for a hike or a picnic at the back of the farm. But some people (girls and guys) wouldn't be into that.


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  • I went to the movies for my first date but don't do it. I was youthful and ignorant. Movies don't make a good date scene when you simply want to get to know someone new; as in the first couple dates.

    I've only ever gone on a dinner date once. It wound up costing me about $120 and I didn't even ask her for a second date. I will never again do a dinner date with a new girl.

    I did the pool hall thing for awhile. It's a laid back scene and playing pool gives you something to do, but I've stopped doing that as well. I've only gone out with one girl who could get more then a couple shots off against me in a game. And no one likes to lose.

    I find myself going on dates frequently as of late, being as cheap as I am, I've settled into coffee dates. They're awesome. It lets you spend under $10 and also the dates tend to last only an hour or so. It's relaxing to know that if she turns out to be a dud you won't have to tolerate her long. Also... it's an hour. I'm sure most people can conquer the stress that goes along with an hour of face-to-face.