So I'm really good friends with this guy...and we text

So I'm really good friends with this guy and we some mutual friends and a few of them have been saying that he likes me but doesn't want to admit it because...well, you'd have to know the kid haha. Anyways, we text each other but sometimes I have to send like another text message just so he responds back. Its nothing like "hello...?" its more like me starting the conversation again, mostly because he feels like he's awkward when he tries to start conversations, but I was just wondering if I should just not get all mad @ myself and frustrated with him if I have to text him again or what. I really just want to know what I can do or what I should stop doing. Thanks :D


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  • If he likes you but is too nervous to do anything about it then its up to you. If you like him and aren't bothered to put in effort then go ahead, don't get mad at yourself, he probably really appreciates you starting the conversation. But if you don't want to do that anymore then perhaps tell him you like him and be done with it?


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  • Kid sounds like me when I was younger. He may just be one of the few who only speak when spoken to. Or to put the other option out there, he could just be busy or not hear is phone go off.


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  • So you want the guy you like to be more forward and initiate more contact. Well you've chased him a little bit and made it known that you like him right? :) So what I would do is simply stop contacting him.

    If he likes you he'll definitely get in touch and either text/call/message you to ask why you haven't been in touch. It's not easy to stop yourself from getting in touch when you like the guy but trust me, you'll have your answer fairly quick if he really likes you.

    So if he contacts you this means he likes you.

    If he doesn't or takes way too long (more than a week) this means he isn't that into you and you're better off finding a new guy to flirt with and simply keep him as a friend.

    Or if you can't be bothered with that simply ask him outright if he finds you attractive :P Or even better say "when are you going to ask me out on a date?" lol. I did once and the guy was shocked but it worked ;D

    Good luck with it all though :D

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