Accidentally Sending Text Messages

This boy I've been talkn 2 for about 4 months has not made us official yet. Due to his delay, I have decided to stop txtn and calling as much as a person who likes you would. Well, every since I hav stop txtn him. he has begun 2 "Accidentally" send txt messages. Some say stuff like "Yea I jus got in. Ware do you want to meet up." and other things. I havn't txtd bac because I think he is doing it on purpose. He NEVER sends these type of messages when we're constantly talkn but now all of a sudden they have begun. He also sends them rite after each other and sends 4rwd messages which he hasn't done b4. What does this mean? Does he like me or not? And if so...y is it takn him so long to ask me out. Also, after I didn't respond 2 his messages, he calld me. GUYS PLEASE HELP!


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  • haha def. like you and wants your attention he just doesn't know how. Poor guy lol he is most likely missing you and talking to you now, y don't you start talking to him? I mean you don't have to go straight back to how it was before but just treat him like a friend don't flirt and don't go back to hooking up.. that way he knows its either making you a girlfriend or nothing else is coming out of it.


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  • ok I think he likes you and just don't know how to go about it! but in my oppion do you really want to sit around and wait on him? or play little games like that? if you like him and want something to happen then just ask him what he wants to do?... can't promise you anything good but you just may get ur answer.. BEST OF LUCK TO You and let me know how it goes

  • hahaha he's dying to get your attention back! How pathetic! =D

    Nice work! Make him come to you, DON'T give in. gl girl!