Cancellation of a "date"?

Long story short, a girl I really like cancelled last minute for a movie and dinner thing we were going to do. This is the third time we've gone out together. She gave a good excuse regarding family and sounded genuinely apologetic saying sorry and that she would make it up to me. However, she did not mention when that would be. Is this a bad sign?

*edit* she didn't say or offer an exact alternate time, just that she would make it up to me.


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  • Is this the first time that she has canceled on you? Do you have a hard time making plans with her? How did previous dates go? From what you said, it doesn't seem like she's ditching you. Sounds like she genuinely couldn't go. Also, it sounds like her mind was on the family problems, so it's understandable that her first priority isn't to re-plan the date. Give it a few days, then bring it up, and see if she is game for another date to make up for it. You could even joke around saying that she "owe's you one" now. However, if she has canceled on you before, or gives excuses that she is busy, or has seemed awkward on previous dates, then maybe this is her way of saying she's not interested!

    • Yeah, its the first time cancelling and the other times we hung out it went super well. I'm not too worried and she did say she would make it up to me. Even though I don't think she needs to say that/do that, it's nice that she did. Also, she literally really didn't have to say that if she wasn't interested in hanging out. Also, she was the one who scheduled to hang out.. so it wouldn't make sense to be like hey lets meet up! and then cancel.

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    • Yeah, if she hasn't called to reschedule by now, then I would say abort. If you really feel like you need an answer, then I suppose you could call her and ask her to hang out, but if she gives any excuse, then I would say that's a pretty clear sign that she's not interested. A lot of people think it's 'nicer' to try to slowly fade out of someone's life, rather than flat-out tell them they aren't interested. She might just not want to hurt your feelings.

    • Yeah.. honestly.. I think it's just priority level. I feel like there is some interest.. but not enough to take the place of other things in her life.. =(

      We'll see. It's only been 3 days or so.. Thanks for the advice.. sigh. Was totally my cup of tea, old friend, etc etc... >_<

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  • I don't think it's a bad thing.Maybe she just needs to figure out her schedule before rescheduling the date.With that said,the ball is in her court.


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  • Things come up, man. It is a bad sign, and you should take it that way if it keeps happening. But things come up, and by itself you should try not to assign too much significance to it.

  • I like to think yes, she is not interested. Did she cancel over messenger or over the phone in voice?

    Do it to her, reciprocate. Let her see how it feels. What do you mean last-minute?

    Actually.. I sorta did the same, hmmm I did not cancel dates "last minute" but instead the day before or 2 days before.

    But I was 1/2 hr late for 2 dates because I was coming from other places. that is okay.

    But cancelling LAST minute is not okay. Forget her. Find others

    • Oh, she cancelled over the phone in voice. I actually missed her first call and she called back again. Last minute being 2 hours before we were supposed to meet. Thing is, the excuse she gave was a legit excuse. Honestly though, since she was the one who scheduled the meet up, I don't think its any kind of games.. but then again, I'm inexperienced and that's why I'm here! =D

      And I'm not interested in playing games or one upping her by doing the same. I'm here to build a relationship, not play.

    • K. See how often it happens.

  • I'm afraid I have some bad news for you... you are OUT. When a woman cancels a date at the last minute without rescheduling, she has no interest in continuing to date you. You need to lose her phone number; it's time to move on to a woman who is actually interested in you.

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