Would you rather hang out with your friends or date/significant other/bf/gf?

Like how and why? Is there a certain time of day you want to hang out with each group? What do you actually do? Do you just accept plans with whoever calls you first, do you call people to make plans, and do you even go out?


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  • Omigosh, this probably sounds horrible, but I'd rather hang out with my boyfriend than my friends most of the time. My boyfriend and I hardly see each other during the week due to different schools; I hang out with my friends everyday of the week (: so I thinks it's reasonable. I don't really mind the time of day, it can be any...just not super late. Uhm, I'll make the plans with my boyfriend, but with friends, they usually make the plans and invite me. I do go out, just mainly on the weekends. Friends + Boyfriend = (:


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  • I generally accept the first plans that come my way. No, I am generally not the one making the plans. And yes, I go out a lot.


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  • My boyfriend is my best friend, so I would almost always rather hang out with him. To be honest, I don't have many friends (mostly because the people in my area are all the same boring and/or stupid person), so I don't go out much.