I've never run into a girl that has been into me?

That's the best conclusion I can reach after many failures in trying to get dates. I've only gone on one date on my life, and even I knew in the back of my mind that the girl wasn't a good fit (though looking back, it seems like I had the best connection with her out of any other girl I've met). Since then I've struck out in asking girls on dates...they just won't give me a chance. And to be honest, I don't think I'm asking the right kind of girls, either. The couple girls I got along with pretty well ended up having boyfriends already.

I talked to my friend about this and he said the same thing without me mentioning it: that I'm going after the wrong crowd. But that pretty much means I've never found a girl that I jive with and I'm already 22. And the fact that I'm in medical school means that a lot of them are already married or engaged or of that sort


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  • I have to say I feel you on this. I am a little different. I have hooked up with guys and have been told that I am awesome, but how come I have not gotten asked out or how come I have had one boyfriend and never really been asked out again?

    I guess one thing is where are you meeting these girls? You may, like your friend said and you have thought, be going after girls that are just not meant for you. Now where to go, that's a different and difficult question. Just exert self confidence. Honestly, with what experience I have had, exerting self confidence is the key. I go for a guy that looks like he is confident, has his stuff together, wants to have a good time, and has a good sense of humor. You just have to get out there. Scarrrrrry and horrifying, yes. Will you damn near feel humiliated sometimes, yes. But you have to do it.

    And also, add me as a friend?

    • problem is that I've done what you have said. I'm more self-confident than I've ever been, people find me funny, and I've been relaxed. Problem is that it hasn't worked on the girls I've had an eye on, driving me more crazy and into self-doubt. And yes, that has caused me to look like a fool sometimes.


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  • Buddy, I'm in the same boat but female. Apparently I'm pretty and good looking enough for guys to look at me/check me out in public but no one wants to talk to me. I suggest you keep trying and take initiative, you're bound to meet someone who you click with. But chill with yourself for a bit, and someone will come into your life and you'll be ready. :)

  • try to run into me :P

    • *bumps into you*

    • @ Kain6th - You should've said ''trippping on'' me ... I'm so ''big'' that guys never notice this ''big'' thing on their way :P

  • What kind of girl do you think you need to be finding? Where do you think you will find her?

    Answer those two questions for starters...

    • well, the girls I think are right for me obviously don't think so, so I'm just a confused mess

    • Don't think of specific girls ... Think of traits you'd like in a girlfriend.

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  • to be fair dating its a lot about luck. I am in the same boat as you, I just can't seem to find the girl for me, even though I am not shy at all.