Is this girl into me or not?

Theres this girl in grade 10 that I think is really cute and I am I'm not the guy that would go and talk to a girl because I'm really shy. I only knew her this year because her locker is down the hall, so me being a guy will always try to take a glance of her, and when before she passes my locker try to make eye contact, and we have a few times!:)I told my friend that I really trust about her and he's like if you like her that much, go talk to her! so I did (online) lol. I added her on facebook, and I sent her a message asking if she went to my school(which she obviously did) and if she knew who I was. she's like yah I do, ur the guy who drummed at the talent show rite, and I replied back. Then over the christmas break until last week we been sending messages back and fouth through facebook(and she's always asking what I'm up to and includes a lot of :)'s all the time). The last msg was like she wanted me to add her msn. (this was 3 days ago). So I decided to wait abit until I added her and today I did. Right when I added her, she was online, and I waited for her to talk to me..she didnt. So I signed off, and 10 minutes later I signed back on msn and she was offline.

Did I make the mistake by waiting to add her on msn?


Should I have talked to her on msn?


Should I go talk to her in person?(we did once already in the school hall and it was was like so what class do you have now type thing..this was when I still didn't add her on msn)


Was she upset that I didn't talk to her on msn, so she signed off?


Is she just not into me?

Please help!

i really want to get to kno this girl


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  • seems like she might like you... she was probably waiting for you to add her on msn. You should have messaged her on msn, she gave you her ID so that you would. The awkwardness will go away the more you talk to her in person. If you have some questions to ask her, save them for the hallway and don't just ask them all online.

    Seems like she is into you.

    Who contacted who in the hallway?

    Consider these questions too:

    did she smile when she saw you?

    or---did she seem like see was trying to leave?

    • We kinda both approached each other in the hallway, she was smiling.. what if she's just being nice??

      you're a girl, would you smile to a guy to be nice or that you liked?


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  • Don't worry about the whole MSN thing. Also, she may have been waiting for YOU to initiate the conversation because she wants you to take charge. In my opinion, it should be the guys job to ask for the first date and initiate the first kiss just because it shows dominance and girls want to be dominated by guys, just not in an intimidating or scary way. It makes a girl feel more feminine when a guy is the dominant person in the relationship. If you want to talk to this girl on msn, just say hi. Its that simple. She won't bite your hand off haha

    If you want to talk to her in person go ahead. Just go introduce yourself and compliment her on something. Use anything she is wearing or holding as props for conversations. If you see that she is wearing something nice, tell her that you like it. Ask her where she got it. Then you can tell her that she seems like a cool girl and you want to get to know her better.

    I doubt that she was upset that you didn't talk to her on msn. She might have been because girls do pay attention to detail, but I don't know.

    You won't know if she's into you if you don't start showing some interest and flirt with her. Maybe she is and maybe she's not.

    • How can I flirt with her.. do I go up to her locker?? Would that make me look like I'm stalking her?

  • It is very doubtful she signed off because of you. Talking to your crush online is very exciting, but many things can be misinterperated. My advice would be to start talking to her in school, ask to go out for lunch with her, and try make the relationship you have with her in person more than online. Whenever I sign on MSN normally no one talks to me, I usually talk to them first, sometimes people may be away from their computer and didn't see who has signed on. Things like that that get you worried and confused are good examples of my it is best to have a more physical/vocal relationship. Talk to her how you talk to her on facebook in person, be yourself, if your not yourself to her in person she may think its kind of weird. Well good luck!


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  • I'd have to see it in action to say for sure if she likes you. She's either just outgoing and casually talks to guys she isn't into, or she thinks she might like you if she gets to know you. The MSN thing shouldn't be a big deal, but you should have just added her right away. The next time you see her say "Hey, I was online for a minute (whatever day it was) and added you on MSN, saw you were on but I had to run. Next time I'll talk to you." If nothign else, it gives you something to go up and talk to her about. If you don't get things to the point where you 2 talk in person, nothing will ever happen.