5 Dates and Not Sure if He Wants to See Me Again?

I've been on 5 dates with a guy and it started to get sexual on the last one. We made out, but there was no touching below the belt (he tried, but I wasn't having it). I told him I wasn't ready and that I want to wait until I knew the guy was serious about me before I slept with him. He said I sounded guilty when I said that and that it was okay with him.

I texted him the day after the date saying I hoped he had a nice day. No reply and he did not contact me the following day. We made plans to meet on Wednesday (11/16). If he doesn't contact me on Tuesday, I don't think I will contact him because although he asks me when he can see me next, I'm always confirming the day before. Am I right in not confirming for date #6 if he doesn't text?


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  • idk...but from what you described..his interest in you certainly seems underwhelming..


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  • Dont comfirm If he doesn't text or call you, I think he just wants sex or wants it pretty soon and not willing to wait So he isn't a great deal darling