A girl you're seeing laughing when you kiss her can't be a good sign, can it?

Ok there's this girl I've been seeing for a couple of weeks (known for a couple months). we click really well, however I'm a really affectionate guy and she doesn't see that as so important. after our first date she panic-texted me (she was drunk) saying she hoped she hadn't blown it, I told her I got friend vibes off her and that's why I was a little iffy- she seemed not to realize how she acts friend-ish. 2nd date we made out (fireworks) because there was actual tension, but every date I get friend vibes off her- I don't know whether I'm reading too much into it or it's true. we're having our 4th date tomorrow.

Today at lectures she seemed really nervous to see me, so I decided to show her more of my personality and act in a way to make her comfortable, and had her laughing all the way home. we'd been bantering like friends, and at the end I tried to kiss her on the cheek, she burst out uncontrolleably laughing- she said it was because she "wasn't expecting it" even though I do it before every date as well. certainly when you're a guy that does not appear to be a good sign. there have been other times where I've tried to be affectionate and she wasn't too into it.

it almost feels like I HAVE to make her feel slightly uncomfortable for her to feel anything sexual around me. or maybe I'm reading way too much into this..

thoughts? thanks.


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  • I agree with the other girls so far. It's not at all uncommon for me to let out almost a giggle in the middle of kissing sometimes. I'm not sure why, it's not because I'm uncomfortable though. I think it IS a form of nerves taking over, like that butterfly feeling or something. Because I DON'T giggle, lol. I laugh a lot normally but a giggle only happens like during a kiss, or when I'm being tickled, or if I'm like really stoned and get amused by something really stupid and can't hold it in, haha. =P


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  • She's probably just really nervous around you. Hence the busting out in laughter. A lot of people start laughing just out of nervousness alone. Sounds like she doesn't really know how to act around you either BECAUSE she's so nervous.

  • In my opinion it looks like she's maybe not as interested as you are ? Especially if she acts more like a friend.. ?

    On the other hand I agree that its possible to laugh during a kiss when you're having fun or when nervous. I laugh a bit when a guy kisses me in the neck but I actually looove it. lol :P

    I woul dsay maybe just slow down a bit with her to see if she really looks interested. :)

  • Like timetowaste says, sounds like she's nervous. I laugh when I'm nervous too.

    • but breaking down into uncontrollable laughter? really?!.. having said that I think she may have thought I was going for a kiss on the lips and missed and been embarrassed or something :/

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