I am stuck between two guys!

So guy number one or Dan is my best friend. I love him, he supports me with everything I do, and cares so much for me. Only thing is he's on probation I call him my "sweet bad boy". He had a rough past and his family was never really there for him. So guy number two or Cody is really sweet and loves me. He's so flirty and get nervous around me. He like Dan is supportive and a good listener. But there is something missing about him some kind of secret. Well I am going through a rough time in my life with family. My dad is dying from MS. Also, my gram is dying of cancer so I really want someone who could help me through this. In the end though I want someone who I can also have a long term relationship with. Who do I choose?


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  • Whoever is easier on the eyes go with that one.


What Girls Said 1

  • No one is going to be able to tell you which choice to make, you've just gotta do what feels right to you. However, I will say that "bad boys," whether they're sweet or not, aren't ideal for long term relationships. The fact that his family life has been rough will cause some issues for him that he will need to work hard to get over, and it isn't fun to be the girl he dates while he's still figuring it all out.