Why did he even reply to me like he saying he doesn't like me?

so this guy I like we started to hang out. then one night I seen him out he didn't talk to me at all so I asked late that night what we are if he likes me or not. he said 'yeah as a friend' so the next day when I was not so dunk I messaged and asked if I saw everything wrong or did he change his mind. 5 days later he messages me and say 'hey really only just getting back to you um yeah some things and sh*t have happened sorry.' what the hell does that mean? does he mean he got the girl he really liked and I was just a back up? and my main question is why why why did he even reply to me like he saying he doesn't like me and it was 5 days later I don't understand please help?!


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  • A little confused by the question. The first reply ('as a friend') was probably to establish you are only a friend. He never really said he wanted more (from what I could tell). The second text doesn't make much sense.