Will he kiss me or do I take control?

We've been really good friends for 3 months now and we both know we are very interested in each other. Issue is we grew up in a churchy strict environment where dating is not really promoted. But I notice that he gets really nervous around me whenever we say goodbye, and when we get close, he gets quiet and stares into my eyes without looking away. I don't know if he would kiss me.. growing up with hardcore parents he probably thinks I wouldn't want him to wreck my "purity" . he is a shy conservative guy but is constantly commenting on how many guys are checking me out or how I looked really good that day. I'm pretty sure he wants to kiss me... does he? will he? or should I take control and be the first to make the move? if so.. how the helga do I do that!?


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  • take controll that's hot :D


What Girls Said 1

  • Kiss him! Next time you're close and he's staring into your eyes, move closer. If he doesn't hesitate, go in for the kill!

    Your other option is ask him "so, when are you gonna kiss me?"