What makes YOU feel good about yourself?

I feel like crap allot of the time.. maybe it is because I'm single - I'm 19. I've only slept with boyfriends, but I feel as though each guy that approaches me just wants to have sex...

A lot of girls say to me 'you have guys chasing you' but I have guys trying to 'get with me' not be with me! And this makes me feel so so worthless and I can't help there behavior , I say no, I'm not going to sleep around. How can I feel good about myself when all boys want to do is use me? - I know I'm a good person and I'm a uni student not a 'bimbo'

How can I feel good about myself so others will respect me and treat me right!?!?


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  • well I treat people with respect regardless, I don't follow the rule you have to earn respect or else you don't have it. I don't believe in that concept.

    what makes their respect so special anyways?

    just give it out unconditionally and you will be respected yourself in return.

    I have never lost any friends, or had any bad luck ever.


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  • Look around , there are some really f***ed up people .. Not being them can simply give you confidence in your self .

    For the guys part I don't know , I think that "romance business" it to blame for this misunderstanding .

    Anyway try to focus on things that you do and like and on your studies , o boyfriend won't change you life or the way that you see things .. Only you can change that .

    Cheer up and good luck getting over this .

  • If you aren't enough with him(them) you'll never be enough with him(them).

    You want a guy who wants to BE with you. That's your dream, your goal. Hold on to it and be proud of your progress toward it. Every day you say no to that guy who just wants to get with you is progress. You're sticking it out for what you want. Pursue your dream and be proud that you won't be swept into being a bimbo. Feel good about that.


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  • so you want to be respected basically, you have to demand respect no matter what your situation is, you deserve to be respected, don't be afraid to call someone out on a lie, defend yourself and carry yourself with confidence, be assertive, direct, honest, trustworthy, it all matters, never think low of yourself or it will create the person you are, be your own best friend and love yourself, be a good person and others will see that and appreciate you.

  • The way to feel good about yourself is to BE yourself. There's a lot of pressure in the world to be someone else because it's 'cool' but the most important thing is to show that you're happy with being who you are.

    Am I right in thinking you tend to act really confident and then the guys want you for something else? I tried to fake confidence once before and it didn't work, I just ended up looking stupid! lol Just be yourself, that's the only thing I can stress. My point is (however badly I'm making it!) is as soon as you show that you're comfortable in your own skin and smile a lot. I don't know why the guys are being like they are, especially as you said you're not like the type of girls that a lot of those kind of guys always like, neither am I actually, and it's good we're not!

    The respect thing is true, but I wouldn't say demand it just wear it, but not heavily, like it's a jacket you put on ocassionally.

    I hope you feel better soon!