What do you do when you feel like you're in a hole?

To start with I don't have any female friends, there may be a few girls from high school I don't like who I run into once in a while but that's it. All of my 36 cell phone contacts are all male. I go to college during the week where no one talks to anyone and is just there for the lecture then get outta there back home. I go to work.. its all men. Hobbies all revolve around manly things. Friends don't hang around girls at all. I'm naturally shy and don't like the whole go party and bar scene. although if I do go out and dance and talk with girls it doesn't go farther then that. Everyone with a brain knows bars are the worst place to get to know girls especially in an industrial town where its mostly guys at the bar anyways. Everywhere I go its just dudes dudes and more dudes. its fun but females are lacking in my life in a major way.. Just seeing what you people come up with to get me out of this hole. Just don't tell em to go join a university club.. I'm just going to be blunt.. I'm not a loser like that.


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  • You are NOT a loser. Let's get things straight here, not getting close to girls doesn't make you a loser rather than a man who lacks experience in dealing with females. That's it.

    As you mentioned in your question, all of your activities revolve around manly things. What you have to do is join activities that include both genders like language classes, group sports, volunteering, etc...

    Ofcourse you must be shy because you lack practice. It's like first time you drive a car, you could have an accident but as soon as you know the basics, you can drive safely. So, go out and enjoy.


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  • Join a coed sport, get into a study group, talk to people in class (and then go hang out after, like go to lunch with a group), and I would recommend clubs. . .but sounds like you're too cool for that lol.

  • I join a club or go to a friends house and eat pizza.


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