Is it fair to be in love with 2 guys in the same time??

I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend for 3 years and I recently met this other guy. I love him and I still love my boyfriend of 3 years the problem is that I feel like I miss some of the characters from my boyfriend that's why I fell in love with the other guy and he is married.

Should I immediately end the current relationship with the married guy or just go with the flow and see where it ends don't want to loose my boyfriend. WHAT SHOULD I do?


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  • You should not even be asking that question. because you know that you are doing wrong.

    First thing,It is a cheating and you are are contributing in making him cheating his wife.

    Just think for a while, that If your boyfriend do that to you, how would you feel like.

    You said you miss some of the characters from your boyfriend, did you ever think, He might feel the same way about you, he misses few things in you as well, but he still likes/loves you.

    And what do you mean, you want to see how does it end.You guys can only be together, If you dump him and he gives divorce to his wife. and I don't know, whether he has a kid or not. So at least think in the broad perspective. how is it gonna effect everybody or get yourself ready for a big drama.

    • Wow I didn't think it that way anyway thanks for making me realize the truth I've been trying to deny.

    • You are welcome, I am glad that you have realized the truth.

      Good luck and thanks for BA.


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  • not...!,it's not good to play that certain investment.

  • End it with both of them, if the guy isn't going to get a divorce for you. What your doing is completely selfish.

  • "that's why I fell in love with the other guy and he is married."

    Wow... you say that like it's no big deal lol. Sooo messed up! You don't deserve any of them


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  • End it NOW! Karma is a bitch! It will go nowhere and you are doing something ethically and morally wrong. How would you like it if your husband cheated. It is wrong no matter how you look at it. Don't ever get involved with a married man. Let him deal with his issues on his own. You don't need to become a home wrecker.