How do two people communicate efficiently if they have many different interests?

OK so we have all heard the saying opposites attract but if that's so true how do they communicate if they have different interests?

Any help would be much appreciated! ;)


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  • Someone's interests and their communication skills are mutually exclusive. My ex was part of a theatre crew that used to put up backdrops and rigging. She would go on about her tasks and I wasn't following. I wasn't really interested in the topic so I didn't bother to learn what the words meant. I also didn't bother to explain to her what I did on a daily basis either. I'm sure that if I informed her I had to don a bio-suit and handle hazardous waste that she might get squeamish.

    People with different interests could talk about commonalities or even the future. What is the perfect dinner dish, memories of childhood, best subject in school, etc. There are plenty of things to talk about and we talk with our bodies when words fall short.


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  • Pick one of the others' interests and a) learn more about it, b) see if you may be interested in it yourself. If you never try something different, you may be missing out on something you actually may enjoy. It helps if you at least have a few things that you both have in common.

  • The only real thing opposites attract is divorce. But you can agree to disagree if you are truly attracted to each other.

  • Perhaps they find each others lives interesting

    • that's true.. different upbringings and beliefs/traditions can make for interesting topics for discussion. The difference itself is what adds interest. Thanks for the answer! ;)

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