What guy do I choose?

so I am serious with a guy long distance... we hardly ever get to talk or see each other if I am lucky I will see him in feb. and that's if the "stars all aline" ha ha but he is everything I want in a guy he just isn't here...): and he is kinda got a busy complicated life...idk if he has room for me ): ... however there is a guy who is great and nice and sweet who is crazy about me and goes to my school. however he is behind in school because he took a year off and stuff so ill be done with school long before he is. so do I just stick it out in this rather rough long distance relationship with the guy of my dreams or date the sweetheart at my school? I don't know what to do but I need to decide soon please help.


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  • If the guy long distance is into you too, go for it. I know it can be painful.. trust me.. and things will never be perfect, but if you both are willing to make it work, nothing can keep you apart. =j

    If he doesn't care about you though, don't spend your time waiting for him to come around to seeing, because chances are it won't happen & you'll lose out..

    Whatever you choose, make sure it's for the best. =j


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  • That's a toughy. You're still young. Do you think the "guy of your dreams" is dating anyone else? You could go out with the guy at your school but not let it get too serious. But if you don't really like him a lot, then you may end up hurting him. If you don't really want to go out with the sweatheart at your school, you may end up finding another "guy of your dreams". There's usually more than 1 of those out there...especially when you have youth on your side.