So I got really close to this guy, but he suddenly stopped calling this weekend, what should I do?

I met this guy through my sister.. We started talking for 3 weeks, and going out and having fun.. He still isn't over his 3 year relationship, and his ex keeps trying to get him back when she knows he's with me. This passed weekend, he hasn't called or anything. The last thing he told me about was his ex trying to get back with him. Bad way to end a convo right! I need advice


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  • I'd say move on. He still has a lot of baggage. More than likely, his ex will always come ahead of you in his priorities because they have a longer history (until he's really ready to get over her that is). It doesn't seem like he is. Nothing you do or say will be able to change this, he has to be willing on his own and you run the potential of getting hurt at this point.

  • Get out before you get hurt. Don't be the rebound, it won't last and it won't be real.