Men, what's your ideal 1st date like?

i read all the time about what us girl's like but I never hear the men's perspective on it.. so I'm just curious! :) Details plz!


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  • It all depends on what you define as "date". Many people can't stand to be "one on one" for a date so they might consider being in a group as being on a date (i.e. a double date) however..why should kissing be involved in a date. If you're not ready to kiss yet, there's no pressure and they should respect that.

    I've gone on first "dates" before of course. When I was young and inexperienced I did the "dinner and a movie thing". But..that's not the best thing to do because the idea of a first date is to talk, right? Can't really talk in a movie.

    As I got older I learned how to go on a first date. If you know the girl/guy then you should be able to find the perfect first date. Question is, do you really KNOW them well enough to know what they would like?


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  • I hate dates; too formal, too serious, too directed.

    Just hanging out is so much better; no pressure, nothing is forced, no being placed in artificial situations (ie expensive restaurants, special clothing, etc.) Walking around town aimlessly, screwing around at a pet store, spontaneously wandering into a museum, going home and playing guitar and singing together while half-watching some B-rate comedy on TBS.

    Ah, the simple things.

    (No wonder I'm single, hey!)

  • id rather go to the dentist then be on a date, I like relationships tho.

    • hahaha so you like to take the route of hanging out.. not so serious like?

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    • no I still won't like dating but I will do it if I think she's might be worth the effort.

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