Sushi for a date, eat at the table or bar?

I am taking a girl to a sushi resturant that she is interested in for a first date. Sushi Resturants have both tables and a bar where the sushi chef makes your dishes. As a woman what would you prefer on a first date.


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  • If you don't know much about each other yet, I'd say the sushi bar. It'll give you both something to pay attention to and talk about without the focus being completely on each other. If you do know some about each other already, I'd suggest the table. Gives you a chance to get to know each other a little better and have a real conversation.

    • I'm taking a girl out for sushi in a week, and I've also been thinking about sushi bar and restaurant.. Still have no idea what to choose

    • It really depends on comfort level. Do you know her well? Is she a talker or more shy? The sushi bar is a good idea when you don't know each other well and there may be more awkward silences.

    • Adamundead...looks like we are in the same boat. Not knowing where you live a google search or Ladies thank you for the help!


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  • The bar, it's entertaining to watch them prepare the sushi and at the restaurant I always go to, sometimes the chefs take sake shots with you!

  • when they ask at the hostess station why don't you let her answer? then you won't have to guess.


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