Why do guys talk to my friends and not me?

When we go out, some really cute guys go up to my friends and socialize with them leaving me on the outside of the social circle. It's not that I'm conceited and I love my friends but even they have admitted that I do have very good looks, some even better looks than theirs. And if this is true, then why is it that I only get the drunkies talking to me and not the other good guys? It's so annoying...


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  • do you look standoffish? Check your body language next time you're out. Crossed arms, hands on hips and stuff like that can be intimidating. Try and engage in the conversation as maybe they are scared to talk to you straight away or something. Otherwise, maybe they are just into your friends, but don't worry, someone'll come around :)

  • Maybe they think your personality is boring, plain, annoying or for whatever reason, your friends simply just outshine you.