Boyfriend always "g2g"?

My boyfriend and I used to text all day everyday. But lately he's got to go about five minutes after I text him and this is if he texts back. He hast been answering...maybe once every 3 days. When we do texts he doesn't really participate in our conversations. He just says "o" to everything. I see him in school and at basketball games but he never talks to me. I would say something like hey great game and hell be like thanks and keep walking or after my games his friends will all come say hey great game and he would just stand there. I don't know what's up with his new behavior but does anyone have any ideas why he's acting this way?


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  • What can I say? It's hard for guys to catch up with girls with conversations over the phone or texting each other. We are not built to withstand it. It's better for you to ask his affection in different way. I also feel that he was pushed to the point that he lost interest. "...text all day everyday." is just too much. Don't take this negatively though, now you know there are different side for us guys.

    I myself is the boyfriend to my girlfriend. I also had texting problem, sometimes asking me where I am. I asked her nicely to cut some texting and bring more feelings into our relationship. Then she said okay. We are good so far.

    I believe you will make the right decision and will be alright. Good luck to you.


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  • Too much affection/clinginess can kill a relationship. You have to know how to balance everything out. Some girl time with your girls, his guy time with his boys, and then some you and him time. It's not healthy if it's all you and him time because you're not giving him space.


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  • You're probably smothering him.

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    • I hope not.. But the thing is he's been asking me out for three years and he's been like waiting for me so we are finally going out and we have been for 10 weeks now... So I don't know why he would end it so quickly if he's been waiting so long

    • To the first comment of the QA maybe it's not what he expected and yes you should lay back, like lower your affection level towards him for awhile because you have it on high (maybe even really high) right now. Also BA that described us guys has hit it dead on right on the spot.

  • Sounds like you guys are just friends now. Dump him to make it official.