Should I finally meet him?

So I have been talking to this guy on a regular basis (almost every day) for over a year mostly through text, but also web cam and phone calls. We are from the same hometown but have never met. I moved about an hour away for school. Now, in about two weeks he is coming to my new city to watch a sporting event with some of his friends. He wants me to go out to the club with them on Friday. Should I go? I like him and I want to see if there is anything there, but I am scared he will not like my appearance (he has only seen pictures and on web cam) or my personality. Plenty of his friends will be there and I don't think I will be comfortable meeting him and them all at once. I don't want to bring a friend because I have not told anyone about him and it would be awkward because I would have to divide my attention between him and my friend. I am so confused. What should I do?


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  • If your not comfortable meeting him when others are with him, that's fine & normal,

    If you want to give a good impression, you need to be relaxed and yourself,

    You've spoken to him via webcam and phone, so he knows you and your personality very well, just as you know him,

    You have nothing to lose Girl, If you want this chump, then you go & get him when you feel the time is right, Whether you guys are meant to be together or not, Your both just delaying the inevitable


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  • Ask if he can get another ticket to the sporting event for you. The go to the club afterward if you feel he's worth the time, because you will know him a little by then.


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  • Well if he's bringing friends to the club than you should bring some too. Maybe you two should meet before hand (in a public area, just as a precaution), just so you can have one on one time beforehand. It would be a good ice breaker and there would be no hassle of divided attention. How did you two meet btw?