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What does "hahaha", "lol" and "you are funny" text replies really mean?

I am getting a lot of "lol", "hahaha" and "you are funny" text replies from one girl. I doubt that I am always that funny but I could be wrong. Does... Show More

How to keep a conversation going when you get a lot of these "lol/hahaha/you are funny" replies?

Sometimes I have no idea what to say after reading these replies. Any tips?

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  • um it means you said something funny

    • do you ever reply "hahaha" even when a person something not funny?

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  • I realize "lol" is kind of a habit to use but I am sure she thinks you are funny.

  • prob flirting..

  • Nothing, tell her you have paint to watch dry or grass to count, obviously she isn't interested in a conversation with you.

  • It can also mean she has nothing better to say.

  • well I mean I "lol" a lot that's cause I actually laugh a lot but ya she probably is flirting with you trust me if she didn't want to talk to you she probably wouldn't

    • but why would she reply with just "hahaha"? I wait 2 minutes and she doesn't say anything else so I just write something random and I get "you are funny or lol" reply? If I am that funny that's great. I thought I lost my sense of humor :)

  • I highly doubt that she is not interested in you. However, it all depends on the context of the message. However, I would say that she is intersted in you but she is nervous and doesn't know what to say, or how to start a conversation. But all in all, she does want to keep talking to you.

    • I personally wouldnt, no. If I am not interested in a guy I will tell him, or just ignore him until he gets the picture. I wouldn't lead him on in any kind of way

  • 'lol' is so useless and pisses me offfff.. if I wanna laugh I will type the laugh. HAHAHA and in caps .. just more expressive

  • she is probably busy, and trying to keep talking to you even though she is. otherwise shed just say ttyl:)

    • will you ever reply this way just to be and not to ignore the guy even thought you are not interested in talking to him?

  • Jumping to the conclusion that she doesn't want to talk to you is dangerous. She probably means that you actually are funny. Try asking open-ended questions to see if she's paying attention (and hopefully not texting and driving) lol...

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